what do we mean by digital marketing?

Although this concept is very common in the digital online world.

many people who work on the Internet are not yet familiar with this concept. We’ll talk about this post on this particular topic.

You will understand the differences and advantages of digital marketing compared to traditional marketing!

Digital marketing is the marketing on the Internet of products or services using digital technologies, including mobile phone apps, display advertising, and any other digital media.

which means search conversion, SEO, or search engine optimization), and finally.

we will show you how you can guarantee the effectiveness of strategies. Production and marketing of your products.

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What is Digital Marketing?


Digital marketing concept × traditional marketing

To understand the underlying differences between digital marketing and traditional marketing, you first need to understand the importance of marketing.

Marketing is a set of strategies for marketing a brand or product.

Do you know the advertisements you see on TV?

Which items are offered in the supermarket as tasting products for tasting?

Or these free samples of commercial products for a test like perfume?

All of these are examples of traditional marketing strategies.

The concept of digital marketing is very similar to the concept of traditional marketing in that it also aims to promote and market a brand or product.

The difference is that digital marketing is done over the Internet.

Since it is an online strategy, use tools such as websites, blogs, networks, videos, and applications on mobile phones that are marketed for companies.

Do you remember the banners that are posted online everywhere?

Or the email you receive that contains the business offers or a digital book that you can download for free?

These are examples of digital marketing strategies.

Advantages of digital marketing
The big difference to digital marketing is that thanks to the Internet, you can analyze measures that relate to the results of today’s promotions and businesses. When it comes to marketing without internet use, or when we call offline marketing, you can only identify an approximate number of people who have seen an advertisement on TV or an advertisement on the street, for example.

In digital marketing, you can know exactly how many people clicked on your ad, how many people downloaded your digital book, and how many people bought your product.

With this data, you can examine different strategies and even correct an error if necessary.


For example, suppose you sent a marketing email to your mailing rule, but few people opened and read it. If you want to send this email to new people, you can, for example, change the address and test whether this helps to increase the opening rate of emails.

The big advantage of these tests is that you can increase conversion rates in marketing.

Another advantage is that thanks to the Internet, it is much easier to divide advertising campaigns into age groups or to disaggregate them by gender, based on personal interests and many other characteristics.

This increases the target’s violation of strategies. This allows you to target your marketing campaigns to people whose profile matches the profile of a typical customer for your company. You can also reach people from all over the world thanks to the Internet.

Digital marketing is more useful for entrepreneurs and suitable for smaller businesses.

Example: Paying 30 seconds for a TV ad can be very expensive, while online strategies are much cheaper and sometimes almost free!

If you want to learn more about how to generate free visitors, you should use content marketing, one of the most important strategies of mine.

Communication channels in digital marketing.
Now that you know the benefits of digital marketing, it’s time to familiarize yourself with the communication channels you can use to prepare your marketing strategies.

What is Digital Marketing?

web pages

Websites are one of the most popular communication channels on the Internet. Some examples are:

  1. The website.
  2. Blog.
  3. Landing pages or prospects pages – Compressible page.
  4. Sales pages.

Communication networks

Another channel that is essential in online marketing is networking like:

  1. Facebook
  2. Instagram
  3. Twitter
  4. Linkedin
  5. Pinterest
  6. Youtube


We mention YouTube among the networks, which brings us to another digital marketing tool: more and more videos, and you can even create ads in the form of videos.

E-mail advertising

Another channel of digital marketing is email marketing or email marketing, in which advertising messages are sent by email.

You already received this type of email, right?

Emails are sent as a marketing campaign. This means that each email is sent to a list of people interested in the content and what the business has to offer.

These emails are useful for building trust between the business and its target audience, and they can have many functions:

  1. Set up a show for a product.
  2. In some cases, ask for charity or subscriptions.
  3. Free educational material provided.
  4. Submit useful content that helps the business build a relationship with the news target.

Paid media:

There is also paid media in communication channels, which are paid online advertisements for sending. There are several types of these ads.

The first type that we are going to talk about is the dissemination of ads composed of ad bars spread over the Internet.

Another format is that of native ads, which are ads that look like a normal page element.


promotional material published on a press content website as if it were general news, in the news of the site. Or an image posted on Instagram, which is normally posted in the newsfeed.

Merged announcements are always accompanied by the sign “funded”. The advantage of this formula is the possibility of setting up advertising campaigns without affecting navigation and user experience.

Besides, thanks to this type of advertising, it provides an important context for the personality of the typical customer and at the same time content marketed to the brand or product.

The third type is video advertising, the most common of which is on YouTube, for example.

The fourth type, the latest version, is funded by links, also called search engine advertisements.

If you search for a keyword on Google and see the first results with the message “Announcement”, the links are funded.

Here is the funded link. And there the company pays the money to appear every time someone searches for that keyword. You can also do this on the market on a page that talks about your business.

The funded link leads us exclusively to a very important concept in digital marketing, and without this concept, no digital marketing strategy can survive. This is the SEM concept, which is called search engine marketing in English in search engine marketing and this tool, which we will talk about now.

What does search engine marketing mean?

Search engine marketing or search engine marketing improves the ranking of your pages in search engines such as Google. The higher your pages are ranked in search engines, the more likely the user is to click on your page.

One way to do this is through funded links which we just talked about. There is also another way to name search engine optimization SEO, namely search engine optimization.

SEO is a set of technologies that organically improve the ranking of your website without paying directly for an ad.

You can configure SEO technologies for your YouTube videos, for your blog posts, for your main website, and finally without paying directly for advertising.

Since this topic is very dense, we will only go into some of the factors that make your pages full of research, namely:

  1. The quality of the content of your pages.
  2. Content size.
  3. Title.
  4. Title of the page.
  5. Use of keywords.
  6. The time the visitor stays on your page.
  7. Design.
  8. The ability to search your pages.


There are many factors to improve the ranking of the content on your pages. Our advice: it takes a lot of SEO research to use these technologies in your business, okay?

Are you ready for digital marketing?

After all, have you understood the importance of digital marketing and its usefulness?

But believe me, there is another important point: marketing goes beyond communication strategies.

Any method is useful for preparing and presenting value for your audience and your market sector. At the same time, making a profit for you can be considered marketing.

For example:

Creation of a brand, development of your products, pricing and sale of these products, marketing marketing marketing, etc.

There are many strategies in digital marketing, and the most important thing is to test these strategies and give the necessary impetus to the strategies that will bring you better returns for your business.

If you like this post, want to work online, and still don’t know how to get started, share your questions via the comment space, and we are ready to help.


What is digital marketing?