1. Privacy policy and protection:

The site administration is committed within the limits permitted by the law of the regulator to protecting the personal information of the site’s users, such as the address, phone number, E-mail address … etc, and not disclose it to any third party. Moreover, any of that information will not be exchanged or sold to any other third party as long as this is within the limits of the possible site management capabilities, and access to that information will only be allowed for those qualified and professional who is assigned by us to supervise the Zinano website.

2. How does Zinano guarantee your rights :

 Our site ZINANO  guarantees to the user, whether the service provider or the applicant is fully entitled to it, there is no need for any concern when ordering the purchase of one of the services offered on the site, as our site plays the role of a mediator between you and the seller and when you purchase a service, the service money remains with the site until the seller performs Your request and delivers the service, then he receives the money and in case you encounter any problems do not hesitate to email us and clarify the problem and it will be solved and your rights will be protected within 24 hours from the time you notify us of the problem.

– The buyer should not communicate with the seller or pay him outside the site, because any interaction between him and the seller or paying him outside the site mechanisms he will personally bear full responsibility, and the site is not responsible for protecting it in this case.

3. How does the site user protects their privacy?

– The applicant (buyer) must not provide any unnecessary data about him, If the seller (the service provider) asks him for any personal information such as passwords, phone number, or any other personal data, he bears full responsibility for that behavior.

– The subscriber must protect his account password, and not share or publish it, and in the event of any transactions using this password, the subscriber will bear all the responsibilities resulting from that.