Seller-specific provisions (service provider):

When adding a new service, you should consider some important things:

– To put a good and attractive title for this service.

– To add an accurate and complete description of the content of the service, what will you accomplish, and the advantages that it will provide

– Choose an image that indicates the service that you will perform.

– To price the service by setting an appropriate price for the service that you will implement well as setting a suitable time for implementation so that the delivery of the service to the buyer is not delayed, otherwise he will be able to cancel the service after the specified date

– Not to ask the applicant (the buyer) any unnecessary data to implement the service

– Never implement any request or service that did not appear to you and did not receive a notice from the site requesting the service from you

– When you implement the service, you deserve the value of the service, according to the rules for withdrawing profits from the Zinano website, according to the agreed mechanisms.

– In some special services and all financial services, you should contact the site management before publishing it on the site, Beware of delivering the service before it is fully and well implemented and follow up with the buyer so that all things related to the service are clear to him. Do not try or participate in communicating with the buyer outside the site as this may expose your account to a ban and lose your balance with the site.

 buyer-specific provisions (service receiver):

– Read the service title and describe it well. This is what you will get and do not ask the seller for another service that is different from the description you requested.

– Before requesting the service, you should contact the seller (the service provider) via the methods available on the site to communicate.

– Ask the seller (service provider) for any details that may not be clear before purchasing or ordering the service.

– If the seller (the service provider) asks you for any personal information such as passwords, phone number, or any other personal data, then you bear the full responsibility as a result of that behavior.

– When a problem occurs with the seller (the service provider), try to solve it with him in a friendly way, as long as the service condition is “in progress”, as he has not received the money yet.

– After the seller (the service provider) submits the order and turns into “Delivered”, you have 3 full days from the delivery date to review service At the same time, the money allocated for the service is lost in possession of the site.

– Once the seller clicks the ( Deliver the service) button, the service will switch from (in progress) to (Delivered) status in which case it is assumed that you have actually received the service and in case you have not received anything you only have to contact the site administrator and clarify the problem and This is only within three days, and if this period elapses, the site may not be able to provide assistance.

– If the seller has never replied or delivered the service or delayed the delivery within three days, you are entitled to cancel the order by pressing the button(cancel the Service) In this case, the money for the service will be refunded directly to your account.

– Do not contact the seller or pay him outside the site because any dealings between you and the seller outside the mechanisms of the site, you bear full personal responsibility as a result of this. The site is not responsible for your protection in this case.

-Do not cancel the service provided by the seller if it was delivered on time and was good and complete and in this case your cancellation will encounter your account to be suspended.