We thank you for choosing Zinano to purchase your favorite services, and we are happy to serve you, but sometimes your opinion may change regarding to a specific service that you have purchased from the site. We at Zinano will do our best to make the return or replacement process as simple and smooth as possible.

   Zinano website guarantees the user his rights, whether it is the service provider or you as a beneficiary of the service, do not worry we have facilitated the process of replacement or return for you through simple procedures. The Zinano website, in turn, as a mediator between the seller and the buyer and guarantees everyone’s right and deals with you fairly. The amount paid for a service will remain on the website for a specific period in case if any problem occurs, we will analyze the situation and choose the appropriate decision to satisfy our clients.

   The consumer has the right to have any service, but the site has a policy regarding the terms and conditions for replacements and returns.

   Return or exchange of purchases is our duty, but there is a policy related to the specified period and also other rules. The error must come from the seller in this case and after clarifying the defect in the order immediately upon receipt, contact us, do not hesitate to email us immediately and clarify the problem and it will be solved and your right will be restored within 24 hour.

   The consumer has the right to replace the service or recover the amount paid in the event of the fraud, even after the deadline adopted by the site’s policy, cheating is not one of our characteristics.

   Exceptions not covered by the return and exchange policy:

   The Loss of any data related to the customer during the process of replacement or retrieval.

   Your misuse of the requested service or an attempt to defraud by taking the information that you deserve as a buyer and then refuse the service or ask for compensation

   The request for retrieval and replacement must be in case of a defect in the quality of the service, or when the definition of the service or product does not match reality and if the error was issued by Zinano.net. Other than that we don’t take any further responsibilities.

   Replace or retrieve within the specified period of twenty-four hours from the date of receipt, if this period exceeds you cannot refuse the service.

   If the conditions for replacement or refund are met, the seller must return the amount paid in the same payment method in which the purchase was made.

   Serving our clients and bringing them comfort is our goal and priority.

   Your rights will always be reserved with Zinano.