Terms of Services

 1- Terms of use and general provisions:

 – zinano.net is keen to clarify the terms of use and general provisions that govern the relationship between the site and its customers on the one hand, and the customers among themselves on the other hand, so that the transactions across the site go smoothly.

 – In the event of any dispute, the parties are obligated to apply these provisions.

 – The terms of use change from time to time for better service and higher quality, and if such changes are made, the site will display clear notifications so that the user is aware of them, subscribers should pay attention to these changes by periodically checking the description box.

-In the event that any partial obscurities are noticed, or there is an error in the details of this policy, please let us know.

 – Any violation of these provisions by the client or user will expose his account to a ban or suspension without prior notice with the possibility of losing any amount of money deposited in the site in some special cases.

 – The registration on the site is an implicit declaration of acceptance of these terms and conditions, and that the data provided for the site is correct and complete.

 – The user is obligated that he will not make any attempts to impersonate another username on the site, and that he will not use a name that the administration may deem inappropriate, such as phone numbers, spoofed names of famous personalities, incomprehensible names…etc.

 – Zinano.com management reserves the full right to monitor any user-entered content without requiring it, because it cannot monitor all user input.

 – It also has the right to remove any entries that violate these agreed terms or provisions.

 2- Copyright and intellectual and literary property:

 – Local and international copyright laws and international treaties protect all the contents of this website, and by subscribing to it, the user tacitly and unambiguously agrees to abide by the provisions and laws of copyright and intellectual and literary property of all publications and content appearing on his pages.

 3- Violations of the terms of use:

 – All illegal or harmful inputs or services that are as follows:

  • Represents a threat or abuse, defamation, slander or violation of a sanctity, or any information harmful to minors.
  • Of political nature or criticism of any government or employee of government departments in any zone or legal jurisdiction.
  • Of a racist or discriminatory nature towards any race, religion, gender, minority, creed, or any group of individuals, whatever they may be.
  • Anti-Islam, or underestimates the Islamic religion, or divine self, or messengers in any way.
  • Of a pornographic nature or has any form of nudity, or explicit, perverted or anomalous sexual content.
  • Contains an advertisement for the sale of anything illegal under any law or regulation in force in the legal jurisdiction in which the product is sold to or to it.
  • Include links to other websites, personal accounts, phone numbers or the like.
  • Or What was agreed between the seller and the buyer to buy his services for evaluation purposes only, or camouflage, which leads to banning the two accounts together.
  • It contains any software viruses, or penetration software from what is known as Trojans, electronic worms, logical bombs, or other malicious or harmful software materials.
  • In violation of any international, federal, national or local laws, or international copyright and copyright treaties, patents, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights laws.
  • Impersonating another person.
  • Provides misleading contact addresses so that its owner cannot be reached.
  • Asking the subscribers of the site to communicate outside the site by any means E-mail – phone – Skype – Messenger and other means of communication.
  • Use the site to collect personal information about users for commercial or illegal purposes.
  • Harassing, or chasing other users of the site.
  • Posting content that is inappropriate or not related to the category of services, topics, or discussion subject in which this content is published.
  • Publishing the same service in more than two categories of services.
  • Trying to enter without permission to the site or to the server on which the site is located, or to any server, computer or database connected to the site.
  • That the user requests or offers the same service more than once, and in case this happens, the account of the service offerer and the buyer is deleted.
  • Not to provide the service in a clear format with a picture that represents the offered service, and with setting an appropriate price for the service.

 – The user bears all responsibility for all of his content that he uploads and publishes through the site.

 – The user commits not to agree with a seller or buyer to deal with him outside the Zinano.net site and by not committing to that, the user incurs to ban his account and lose all his current balance on the site if it is proven that he has contacted a seller or buyer for the purpose of dealing outside the Zinano.net site.

 – The subscriber chooses a password for his account, and he will enter his own postal address to contact him, and the responsibility for protecting this password and not sharing or publishing it is the responsibility of the subscriber, and in the event of any transactions using this password, the subscriber will bear all the responsibilities involved.

 4- No legal responsibility:

 – The user acknowledges that he is taking all legal responsibility for the nature of his use of the Zinano.net website.

 – Zinano.com disclaims it to the fullest extent permitted by law from taking responsibility for any losses or expenses incurred by the user, or he or any other party is exposed to it as a result of using the site.

 – The Zinano.net website administration makes every effort to ensure that the site continues to operate without problems, but never the fewer errors and omissions or interruptions may occur at any time, in cases of service interruptions, omissions or errors on the website, or in the event of inability to use Service, or delayed, the management expects users to be patient until the service returns to normal.

 5- Reporting violations:

 – It is prohibited to post any content that violates any international or federal laws that violate the rights of invention, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights.

 – Zinano.net is not responsible for any content provided by one of the users, in violation of the property rights of another user, please report the existence of any violations of any of these terms of use, by sending an email to this  email address provided: info@zinano.net, that the letter contains the following:

  • The link to the material that you believe violates the terms of service.
  • A clear and accurate description of the material that you believe violates the terms of service.
  • A statement stating that the copyrighted material has been published by someone neither than the owner of that right nor by a person authorized to use it.
  • Your exact address details including your email.

 6- Promotion and advertisement for any website that offers competitive services for Zinano.net:

 – The site administration reserves the right to delete any service and to ban the account of any member who proves that he performs advertising and promotion operations for any site that offers competing services for the site Zinano.net, or for joint services, or for any competing authorities of the Zinano.net website, and every subscriber who does that will be exposed  To block his account .

 7- Means and methods of payment:

 – Payment is made through Paypal – Pisa payment methods – or Zinano credit, or at our agents in the places where we have branches, after coordination with the site management, and ensuring the integrity of the procedures.

 – After payment, the website reserves the amount of money until the second party completes the service in the manner agreed upon between the seller and the buyer.

 – Zinano charges 20% on all transactions made through the site, and users are not allowed to use any other payment methods, except for the payment methods available at Zinano.net.

 8- General provisions:

 – Your use of the site means that you automatically agree to these terms of use in electronic form, and that you do not in any way object to their validity and legal obligation.

 – These terms of use represent the entire agreement between you and the website regarding its subject matter and it copies all other agreements, guarantees, understandings, current or written oral or prior discussions between you and the site management or its representative, whether explicit or implicit.

 – The delay of the website’s administration or failure to exercise a right, or if it does not act against a violation of these terms of use, does not constitute a waiver of its right to exercise it in the future.

 – The provisions of these terms of use are considered divisible, if it is found that any of them is illegal or invalid accordingly one of the laws in force, this provision can be changed or modified to the extent necessary logically to make it legal, valid and binding.

 – No party may act on any part of these Terms of use without the express written permission of the site owner or whoever is legally represented in it.

–  only the site’s management has the right to act on these terms of use as soon as notice is posted on the site.

 9- Terminating access to the site:

 – Zinano.net website management reserves the right to block you or prevent you from entering the site due to any violation of these terms of use at any time and without the need to notify you.

 – The site administration reserves the right to delete any content you add to the site, and at any time.

 – The site administration does not bear any responsibility towards you or others resulting from the termination of your access to the site or the deletion of the content that you posted on it as a result of your breaching the site’s terms of use, and you must pledge not to attempt to use the site after this termination.