Safety Instructions

 1. How does Zinano guarantee my rights?

– This page describes the safety instructions that each subscriber should know to protect himself, to deal properly on the site, and to save his rights and to protect his account.

– Zinano guarantees your full rights, so be certain when buying or selling any service on the site.

– Zinano acts as an intermediary between the buyer and the seller and protects the financial rights of both parties, provided that the conditions of the site, as well as the terms of the guarantee, are followed,  along with following safety guidelines and maintaining a careful communication with the customer service crew.

– The site administration has put a set of safety instructions, and clear conditions to benefit from the site services, you will find it within the different sections of the description box, abiding these instructions will guarantee your rights and benefit from a safe service that will avoid any potential risks, or blocking your account on the site

– Failure to follow safety guidelines may result in the loss of your rights, and even the permanent deletion of your account from the site and will not recover the money paid in some cases.

– You will be notified if there are any minor violations to correct them and continue your work.

– Safety guidelines are not strict rules, and even if they are, they make your transactions easier and safer.

– In a case of stolen money, the service and the paid money will be withdrawn, and the account will be closed until the owner of the money is known.

  1. Guidance on what is forbidden to do on the site for your safety:

For your safety and protection of your rights, please avoid the following:

 – Avoid entering impersonating another subscriber’s name, or entering with a name that the administration may deem inappropriate, and avoid providing false data or addresses, and accordingly, you must use your correct personal information, because you will need it to prove your rights, to claim them, and then retrieve it.

 – Be careful not to provide additional personal information to any party, outside of what is specified in the applicable regulations, as this may lead to fraud, or stealing your personal information.

 – Avoid requesting the same service several times in a manner that calls for suspicion, and avoid buying services for evaluation purposes, if it is proven than both party’s accounts are deleted.

 – Avoid dealing and communicating outside the site with the other party about the service provided, this is an explicit violation of the site’s regulations, in addition to the website’s inability to preserve your rights in this case.

  1. Tips for what you should avoid to keep your account active:

To keep your account active and to preserve your rights, please avoid the following:

 – Avoid providing any service that does not comply with the conditions of use, and know that the Zinano Administration will delete it, and the work team always monitors all site publications.

 – Beware of any illegal work or service, or from using inappropriate phrases, because this is an insult to others and to us, so do not embarrass us by violating the provisions of the site, to not embarrass you by delisting.

 – Avoid insulting any user on the site, no matter what her or his color, religion, or race, acceptance of difference is a part of our culture, and beware of entering the site for insulting, or harassing others.

 – Be careful not to prejudice the Islamic religion, in its teachings, or its provisions, or to violate the Sunnah of the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him, as this is considered insulting us.

 – Avoid any service that disturbs modesty, or has any pornography, such as describing it with any type of nudity, or any sexual content in whatever form.

 – Be careful not to include viruses, or ambush someone else, or something similar, which is considered immoral.

 – Be careful about collecting personal information about users for commercial or illegal purposes.

 – Avoid publishing any service or content that is inconsistent with the category of services or topics, classified under it, or publishing the same service in more than one category of services.

 – Beware of violating the sanctity of the site and trying to enter the database of or access any server or device that belongs to us.

 – Avoid any agreement or communication with one of the subscribers outside the Zinano site, if this was proven your account will be banned, and it may deprive you of your balance on the site.

  1. General procedures that guarantee your safety and preserve your rights:

 – you should contact the site management in the event of any problem, and through the means mentioned in the description box.

 – Adhere to the terms of use and general provisions of the site and review them periodically to be alert to any new changes.

 – Commitment to the terms of implementation and quality specifications in the offered services.

 – The buyer makes sure of the specifications of any required service, asking about anything ambiguous in it, responding from the service provider to the buyer, and clarifying all unclear things about the service.

 – full commitment with international, federal, national, or local laws related to copyrights, patents, trademarks, or other intellectual property rights laws.

 – Each subscriber must endure his responsibilities, verifying all publications contained in his account and content.

 – When providing a private postal address to correspond with him, and when assigning a password to his account, the subscriber is keen on protecting the password and his private data and preserving his personal use, and not sharing it with others. The use of your account by another party indicates that you did not protect yourself well, and the Zinano administration is not responsible for any breach of your account.