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You can use zinano.net by providing your various services to the public at a cost of $ 5 for a service that reaches you $ 4 and a $ 1 discount for five websites. You can withdraw your balance after exceeding $ 10. After deducting the PayPal commission, it may seem a small amount at first glance, but in the long run, more than one service per day provides good benefits, which can bring you monthly income. The site also seeks to guarantee your rights in both cases, buying and selling, so that you can work comfortably.

If we assume you can provide service and operate 3 per day, you win (3 * 4 = $ 12 per day) and at the end of the month your balance is (12 * 30 = $ 360) and you of course, you can double that number with the extended service function. After selling the first 10 valuable services, your monthly income can reach $ 600, provided you add two $ 10 development services, and this is an example of many services.

In this article, we will look at different types of services, you can use five of them. You just need to know your skills well and how you can use them by selling various services, which is sharing the blog with them with your friends who want to earn money by selling mini services and enjoying a few hours of their time, we recommend that you can refer to the frequently asked questions page to answer the most special questions.

15 طريقة لكسب من الإنترنت مع خمسة

Type and translate

1- Translation / proofreading / articles and interpretations

If you have a talent for writing in different regions with style, you can provide printing services and run a bunch of articles for $ 5. In addition, there are developments in the said service. But before that, you can also provide and use services to review research and text files and translate texts into different languages.


2- Electronic ads

If you have a website that is visited by thousands every month, you can add several advertising services to your website. You can also sell services such as designing or promoting banner ads or linking to reference websites.

3- SEO services

If you have had good experiences with improving website and blog results with search engines, you can provide your SEO-related services, and even if you have no experience in this area, you can train yourself and learn these are simple techniques that you can learn for a short time. If you allocate some time, you can sell services to improve the results of pages and websites at good prices.


4- Creation of logos / photos / videos / presentations / business cards …

Not everyone has the talent for design and innovation in the area of ​​logos or video design. If you have this talent, invest it in providing an excellent and professional service for every fifth buyer.

Business services

5- e-commerce services

E-commerce services depend on your knowledge and experience of everything to do with buying and selling online, managing electronics stores and installing them on websites, and protecting and protecting them. Money transfers and easier arrival of various goods to the buyer, all of these skills, if you have experience in at least one, you can use at five.

6- voice services

Voice services depend on voice control, good speech, and sound quality. You can provide comment services for documentation, audio transcriptions of text files, or high-quality services for thought and poem recordings. If you have a gentle voice, you will surely find those waiting for your services.

Programming and development

7- Programming: Java, .Net and Php ..

Do you have good programming skills in the Java language and its various techniques such as (servelts-Swing-JSP-j2ee) or in connection with the creation of databases or mobile applications (Android and iPhone)? You gifted yourself to develop with. Technologies Net, ASp, and C #, why not? They offer their services by creating various programs and applications with these skills.

8- content management systems

This type of service affects WordPress, Tumblr, Joomla and Blogger systems as well as similar content management systems for websites and blogs related to the development and improvement of the performance of these systems


9 – Marketing consulting

Marketing is one of the areas that need innovation in ways and methods to reach the required goals, if you have the appropriate marketing experience, providing assistance services to clients appropriate for you to start with, such as providing a sales and marketing plan service, choosing keywords in different ways, or improving the appearance of your site in search engines.

10 – Legal advice

If you have good competence to provide advice and advice regarding various laws, drafting contracts and Sharia provisions and what relates to the asylum to countries or even providing explanations of legal materials for students.

Technical services

11- Entering data

Data entry services need owners of speed and accuracy in writing and you can earn a good amount daily in return for accomplishing a number of files such as unpacking Word or Excel files, and it is one of the easy services that you can start with and you will find someone who buys it from you if you prove good efficiency with the dates and accuracy of writing.

12- Services related to servers / windows / Android / iPhone

If you have good qualifications to deal with one of these technologies by solving its problems or developing it and improving its performance, you can take advantage of those skills by providing different services with it and earning a good amount.

Remote training

13- Foreign language learning services

If you are fluent in more than one language, you can provide your services by teaching customers the language you speak, such as English and French, while providing distinctive explanations, whether audio or video files, you can reach a large segment of Arab users on the site of five for those looking to learn a new language by working or studying.

14- Teaching design / programming / marketing ..

If you have any skill and you are a professional in it, then you can explain it in an easy way. You can add your services by teaching customers these skills, such as programming, design, and marketing, or any field that you master and you can do what you can to teach it to others.

15-Marketing decommission

This method does not depend on providing services on the site, but if you have a good website that attracts visitors, subscribe to one of the Zainano Net offers for commission marketing, but even if you do not have a website or blog until you have the ability to bring a number of customers to purchase the site services, You can earn a commission for each user it brings.

This is a quick overview of the types of services that you can provide in order to make a profit from Zainano Net, of course, you can provide a different service for all of the previously provided terms of use of the site, Zainano Net also you can provide different instructions even as you master the skills required to provide those services that you can Read it from previous posts.

The Zinano.net team wishes you well.

15 طريقة لكسب من الإنترنت مع خمسة