Social media has spread in our day and everyone is not hidden, but rather rarely find someone who does not use it. This spread coincided with the use of companies and business owners to use social media to market their products and reach the targeted customer segments. Just as Google sits at the top of the advertising pyramid, through search engines, Facebook sits on the throne of marketing via social media platforms.

Facebook Marketing

We can divide Facebook marketing into two parts: The first is the paid ads represented in PPC and PPV, which we mentioned earlier. The second is free marketing, which is done without paying a fee to Facebook to implement it, but you may need to pay someone who manages the work on your accounts and pages on Facebook, so it is not free in the literal sense of the word.

Despite the effectiveness of Facebook marketing, many companies may fail to achieve noticeable results. The reason is mostly due to the lack of an effective business strategy that is strictly followed and implemented, as most commercial activities, especially small ones, are left as part of Facebook’s marketing part for random and random action.

As a business owner, you must rely on e-marketing services on Facebook. You can find in the e-marketing services section on five experts in Facebook marketing, one of them sets you an effective marketing strategy, creates the last Facebook ads and efficiently manages them based on correct targeting, and analyzes the results with It makes you able to reach your customers.

Marketing on Facebook is not just about increasing sales as a single goal, but you can achieve more goals through it, such as building relationships with your customers and checking customer opinions on your products or services, and you can increase awareness of your brand and other goals that you can achieve in the long run through Facebook Marketing.

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