The great thing about freelancing is that you can work from anywhere in the world and set your own hours, but getting your first job as a freelancer can be a challenge.

There are many ways to get your first job as a freelancer,  but the most common way is to create a profile and then apply for jobs that interest you.

You can search for jobs by keyword or category and you can filter your results by location, salary, and other factors. Once you find a job that interests you you can apply for it by submitting your CV and a cover letter.

If you are selected for an interview you will be contacted by the employer and asked to schedule a time for the interview.

You can also join a freelancer community or online forum. This will allow you to connect with other freelancers who can offer advice, support, and opportunities.

Additionally, these communities often have job boards where you can find work.

Networking with other freelancers will give you a chance to learn about the different aspects of freelancing and to find out what works best for you.

Should you work for free or charge for your services?

Working for free or for low rates is often a necessary part of being a freelancer.

It can be difficult to find paying work especially when you’re first starting out and many freelancers are willing to work for free or for low rates in order to gain experience and build their portfolios.

However, working for free or for low rates can also be a way of undervaluing your work and your time so it’s important to be strategic about when and how you do it.

There are a few different ways to approach working for free or for low rates:

  • You can offer to work for free or for low rates in exchange for exposure or some other kind of non-monetary compensation.
  • Free-of-charge services may be introduced as part of a trial period with the understanding that you’ll be paid at your normal rate if the client decides to hire you permanently.
  • You can do some pro bono work “providing free services”.

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