As a new freelancer, the first step is to define your niche in order to attract the suitable assignments and clients.

Instead of aiming to be a jack-of-all-trades, freelancers should try to specialize as much as possible.

Clients like to hire specialists rather than generalists, so make sure you advertise yourself as such.

Right now, this large category of well-paying freelance employment is hiring like crazy.

Consider this: almost every business has or needs an online presence.

Consider one of these freelancing gigs if you’re good at social media or online marketing.

  • Social Media Manager – Responsible for overseeing and managing the client’s social media accounts (s)

This could entail things like writing and scheduling content, organizing giveaways, and creating new pages/accounts/groups, among other things.

  • Social Media Strategist – Develops and implements a social media account’s strategic strategy in order to meet the client’s commercial objectives.
  • Material Marketer – Creates, distributes, and promotes content with the purpose of attracting and converting potential customers.
  • Community Manager – Facilitates online discussions, responds to comments and direct messages, and coordinates actions in Facebook/LinkedIn groups, among other things.
  • Lead Generator – Attracts potential clients, creates sales funnels, and nurtures connections until they’re ready to buy by generating company leads.
  • Brand Strategist – Creates and improves a brand’s tone and voice, as well as its creative components and how it connects with its target market.
  • Brand Consultant – Examines a company’s online platforms for brand cohesiveness and makes recommendations for improvement.
  • Builds email lists, builds email campaigns, and creates automated messages to nurture relationships and increase company leads as an email marketing specialist.

Setting up, implementing, and adjusting social media/Google advertising strategies is the job of an online advertising specialist.

  • Search Engine Marketing Specialist — Uses Search Engine Optimization (SEO), pay-per-click advertising, and pay-for-inclusion to increase website traffic and business leads.
  • Market Researcher – Conducts primary and secondary research on a company’s competitors, consumers, and industry to assess the demand for a product or service and the best pricing.
  • E-Commerce Specialist — Assists online retailers in selling their products on Shopify using email marketing, social media advertising, and any other medium desired by the client.

This freelancer should have a strong understanding of Shopify and e-commerce marketing in general.

  • Infographic Designer — Creates data visuals that are meant to be shared online.

This type of labor is in high demand right now, and businesses are willing to pay a premium for it.

  • Article Writer – Writes articles for newspapers, periodicals, company/university websites, and other publications on a regular or ad hoc basis.

Typically, the articles will be centered on a single topic or industry.

  • Videographer – A videographer captures raw video footage for a specific project, such as a commercial, documentary, YouTube video, or television show.

In order to attract a specific consumer, videographers should constantly have a specialty.

These are some of the most well-paid freelancing jobs available. Not only are web development and SEO in great demand, but there are fewer freelancers specializing in these fields than in social media or writing.

Consider these areas if you wish to learn a new skill and make more money.

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