Here are some general recommended practices to get you started with online ad copywriting.

Educate your target audience

It’s critical that you provide your audience with content that can educate and teach them something new.

When it comes to social media copy, we like to use a fast teaser to entice our followers to learn more about the site or the subject.

Start a discussion

Stoking a dialogue is one of the most crucial things you can do for good social media copy.
This can be accomplished by posing a question and soliciting feedback.

Make an infographic

“Incorporating infographics into your social media copy can help it stand out.
Use an infographic to get your point through when you’re short on words. After all, they say that a picture is worth a thousand words for a cause!

Emojis are a great way to express yourself.

Emojis in your copy help your words stand out and offer a playful aspect to your postings.
Emojis can also be used instead of bullet points to bring attention to important parts of your content.

Be approachable

Sharing a personal story allows your audience to get to know the person behind the brand.
Begin with a catchy headline (to grab their attention), then a long-form article that elicited emotion

Spend the majority of your work on the headline and ad creative

Creativity is 50% of success in social media.
Users’ attention is drawn to an image first when scrolling through a social media feed.
Users are compelled to stop scrolling when they see images. Then they read the headline, and if it piques their attention, they proceed to read the description or visit your website.

Showcase your clients.

Allow your consumers to write the material, and include customer testimonials.
People are more receptive to remarks from real customers than they are to those from the brand.
In any type of display ad, this type of messaging consistently surpasses our own material.

Finally, we share genuine stories, individuals, and unedited images and videos that uplift people’s spirits and make us more relevant.
Individuals see us as their voice in a world full of “ideal people” on social media in this way.

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