About This Gig

I voice up to 50 words, for $10  

If your script is longer than 50 words, please purchase additional gigs as necessary.  Each gig requires a commercial or full broadcast license

Voicemail, TV or Radio Commercial, Narration, Corporate Training Videos, PowerPoint, YouTube Video, Vimeo, Animation, Smartphone App, Audiobook, Advertising, and more! 

What I need from you:

  • A script!
  • Desired tone: Casual, Business, Fun, etc…
  • Pronunciations to ANY questionable words in the script
  • All requirements must be sent through the order page as well

REVISION POLICY: Please request a modification BEFORE closing the order and leaving a review.  I will be happy to accommodate but please be VERY specific on the speed and tone the first time around.  If your script is over 1,000 words there may be a revision fee depending on how much needs revising.