Is Your Website Hackable? 70% are.
I will assess the Security & Vulnerability of your site and provide a professional report including vulnerabilities & recommendations so you can secure your site FAST!
Services Include:

  • Test for SQL Injection, XSS, OWASP Top 10, and 3000 other vulnerabilities
  • Deep Crawl & Analysis
  • High Detection Rate, Low False Positives
  • Vulnerability Scanning & Management; prioritise security threats

Packages Include:

  • Premium        $700

 Professional Full Scan, Manual Review, Consultation, Security Assessment Report & Rescan

  • Standard       $500

 Basic scan, detailed report and recommendations

  • Basic             $200

 Minimal scan, basic report, no recommendations

Deepscan is a Senior Quality Professional with over 5 years experience in the fields of Quality Assurance, Ethical Hacking, and Web Programming. Deepscan provides customers with the information needed to be secure through Award Winning cutting-edge technology and industry expertise.
Don’t let hackers gain access to your sensitive information, Secure your site TODAY!
Your Success is my Satisfaction!