Do you want to learn video editing in the best, fastest and simplest way?

Are you a beginner, have a YouTube channel, and you want professional videos?

Then you are in the right place (program and activation for life is a gift)

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I will inform you of the following:

1 – Introduction to the program

2 – A quick tour of the most important points and lists of the program

3 – Methods for entering files for the program

4 – Everything about registration in the program

5 – Timeline and canvas

6 – Tools and cutting methods in the program

7 – Mouse effects

8 – All audio related to recording, montage and render

9 – Everything related to the Camtasia library

10 – Separation of audio from video, grouping and welding

11- Explanation of the notation

12 – Explanation of transfers

13- Animation and animation

14 – Signs and Effects

15 – Render

16 – Separation of chroma

17 – A set of practical experiences and smart tricks to quickly use the program