Do you have an image of floorplan, and want it to be displayed as an actual buiding?

           * Just blocking out your floorplans and giving me the images with all of your requirements, I will model it to be 3D by SketchUp.

  • It will be created fastest.
  • I can draw your sketch into 2D CAD.
  • The model will be guaranteed to keep it’s proportion.
  • You will get the complete images of all sides and especially a 3D SketchUp file  (it’s able to rotate by yourself).
  • I can render models into images with texture which high resolution and best as real.

  *  Your images can be floorplans, or facades of your building, or CAD files (to be recommended),  or even hand sketches, that note all your requests.

             * The prices of my services will be changed depend on the complexity and the stretch of the floor. The prices of the Gig apply for basic floor (4-6 core rooms).
       Thank you so much when you visit my Gig.

            Please contact with me before create the order and feel free to ask me if you have any questions.