1- Introduction:

     Digital marketing is one of the fastest spreading kind of marketing, which means marketing using social media platforms to promote the products and goods and introducing them, by launching advertising campaigns using the websites, instant messaging technologies, e-mail and textual means of marketing.

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2- Digital marketing strategies:

     Marketing is a set of strategies used to market brands or products, also known as TV commercials or the Online strategy, in which websites, blogs, and communication networks use these banners that are displayed online.

3- Digital Marketing:

     It is a term that includes all marketing methods and channels that enhances the quality of the product or service via social media platforms, including devices, and they all work to achieve a common goal through a well studied steps.

 – An example:

  The first step: Create a fast and responsive website that contains many selling pages.

  The second step, SEO: the performance of the site on the search engine must be optimized to the needs of the search engine, taking in consideration the search engine tricks and steps and the pages issued and received to it.

  The third step: content marketing based on the results provided by the search engine, content type – publication time – the possibility of updating.

  The fourth step: marketing within the platforms Taking advantage of the platforms by launching campaigns to promote brands and products and makings sales, identifying the appropriate platform channels and setting the schedule for publication.

 Step number five: marketing via e-mail, that is, to create mailing lists using links on the website and on the platforms.

  Step number sixth:  using Pay-per-click (ppc) In parallel with the above-mentioned steps, creating an ad-based advertising campaign (Pay-to-Click) or what is known as Google ADWRD to target users searching for products with keywords on Google.

  Step number Seven: Video Marketing, which is part of the above-mentioned steps, is intended to define the keywords for creating video content and work to publish it on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram platforms.

  Step number eight: Marketing with mobile phones by creating applications that users can download through the store to follow the content and everything related to it.

  Step number nine: Analyze and measure the resulted ROL Ensure that you download Google Analyzer as it is an effective and accurate measuring tool for the success of your advertising campaign, then create an excel page and add campaign details (cost, number of visits, number of transfers, and people reached … etc)

4- Conclusion:

     Digital marketing is a complex process that consists of several different methods and tricks, and not all methods are suitable for all companies  and for this reason it is important to use a suitable digital marketing strategy and in order to be able to determine the most appropriate marketing activities for the project. The director of marketing must monitor all activities of digital marketing and he needs to have a broad knowledge and a knowledge about the market’s needs, ups and downs.