If one day you searched for ways to work from home, you surely came across your famous Zinano.net website

In this article, we will explain the website Zinano.net  (registration and profit from it)

As well as the most important mistakes made by beginners

In easy steps and without special skills

Registration is very easy and we will explain it step by step

What is Zinano.net?

Zinano.net is the first Arab market to buy and sell mini-services. Zinano.net brings together Arab youth who are ready to provide services and the category of buyers who are willing to buy these services (definition from the Zinano.net site itself)

The advantage in your account on the site is that you can sell or buy a service

By sale, we mean providing the service for $ 5. As for the purchase, a service request will be provided by one of the providers on the site

Our direction in this article will be to explain the registration and add the services it provides in an acceptable and reliable way to customers.

Explanation of registration on the site Zinano.net:



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