Now, the time seems more appropriate than ever to create a podcast, especially given the competitive edge in the podcast field compared to the blogging world. It is easy to launch a new podcast without the need for sophisticated technical skills, but creating a successful podcast is not an easy task. In this article, we will learn about what a podcast is, and how to create a successful podcast that can effectively market your project?

How to create a successful podcast that effectively marketing your project?


What is a podcast?

A podcast is an audio blog that resembles every episode with a blog post dealing with a specific idea, and represents a digital development for radio broadcasting where the podcast episode is shared as an audio file on sound platforms such as: SoundCloud and Google Podcast. Podcasts are a form of content that delivers deep interaction from listeners, as the episode gets their attention for much longer than the blog post.

Statistics show that the podcast has been growing with no high peak yet. The number of podcast listeners has increased by more than 20% over the previous year 2018 over the past year 2019, especially in the younger age groups of young people. This means that the coming years will witness an increase in the age groups interested in podcasts.

How to create a successful podcast in 6 steps

Podcasts are equally important to both bloggers and businesses that use content in  their marketing strategy. This is because the audio content is easy to digest compared to the written content, and can be heard anywhere. It also helps bring ideas, products, and information to new audiences that don’t read blogs.

Besides being an easy way to express your thoughts if you do not like expressing them in writing, it is also considered as a  new marketing channel, it is important for brands to prove their presence in them. In addition, it opens new horizons for financial gain through promotional ads or sponsorship of advertisers, for example. Now, the most important question, how to create a successful podcast in simple steps?

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